Analyze your ability to qualify for college funding and to what extent by computing your Expected Family Contribution.
Develop “college aid planning” concepts that may lower your out-of-pocket costs by increasing your eligibility for funding.
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College Saving


For more than a decade, has been offering aid to both students and parents to find methods that will allow them to make use of college saving plans and financial aid, which are in full compliance with the Department of Education. During the assessment, all students will be assessed according to the Department of Education's complex financial assistance formulas that are used to process the financial aid applications received. The cost of a college education is very high and for many average families, these costs are unaffordable. However, the website offers users a number of college saving tips and techniques and with a free and useful analysis of the financial aid requirements. Students need only to complete a series of forms - which will allow to assess their particular financial needs. The fundamental purpose of is to perform a detailed financial analysis which is based purely on the student's financial needs and when this is done, it will be discovered if the students are eligible for financial aid. Once the analysis phase has been completed, will assist with college saving and college planning and this may reduce the out-of-pocket costs for college, as the student's eligibility for funding is increased.

Not only will offer the right ways to go about college fund savings but the services of will provide college students assistance in located colleges which are able to offer the right type of study curriculum that will benefit students later in life, or which is in line with their future career choices. Due to the fact that is dedicated to ensuring that that students that do qualify for financial aid, make use of this college saving advantages and in this way find colleges that also offer worthwhile monetary rewards, as well as a good level of quality education. The college saving services which are provided by will make certain that the eligible students are able to enroll at some of the country's most affordable colleges; however, they will not be substituting a good college education for affordability. has developed a clear understanding of college aid and saving mechanisms which are in place and through this understanding they are able to assist students to make sense of the complex financial aid system. The college saving and planning services which are offered by will show students how they are able to benefit from financial aid and maximize the full value of aiding.

In addition to the college saving mechanisms which have been developed by, other useful college-based services include study aids on computer software for the SATs and ACTs and proving assistance in completing the "Student Aid Report', where complicated forms are reviewed by to ensure that they contain no errors or omissions that may delay or deter governmental funding. Via the website, students will not be prevented from attending a good college or university because of the costs involved - with, and the college saving assistance allows students to reach their full potential. Please view information about via the website, (888) 737-4123 (954) 481-1234 Fax (954) 481-1236
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