Analyze your ability to qualify for college funding and to what extent by computing your Expected Family Contribution.
Develop “college aid planning” concepts that may lower your out-of-pocket costs by increasing your eligibility for funding.
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College Planning


For over a decade, has been providing assistance to both students and parents to provide effective financial college planning that is compliant with the Department of Education's complicated financial assistance formulas which are utilized to process thousands of financial aid applications. The website gives a number of useful college planning tips, offering both students and parents a free analysis of their financial aid requirements by completing the necessary forms. Basically, the essential purpose of is to perform a detailed cost analysis whereby the student's financial needs will be analyzed to discover if they qualify for financial aid. After the analysis phase has been completed, will develop college planning and this may be able to lower the upfront costs for college, by increasing the student's eligibility for funding. has developed a thorough understanding of college aid planning, and with this understanding they will be able to help students obtain an understanding of the often complicated financial aid system. The college aid planning offered by will demonstrate to students what financial aid stipulations are based on and in so doing students will be able to maximize the value of financial aid. In addition to college planning, will give college students assistance in finding colleges that are able to provide the right type of curriculum to allow the student to meet their future career goals. Since is committed to making certain that students who are eligible for financial aid use this to their best advance and find the particular colleges which offer monetary rewards, and a very high level of quality education. To this end, college planning assistance and services which are provided by will ensure that students gain access to the most affordable colleges, while not sacrificing a good quality and worthwhile college education for affordability.

The range of services that are provided by include offering study aids on computer software for the SATs and ACTs, and help in completing and filling out the "Student Aid Report', where the forms will be reviewed by to make certain that there are no errors or omissions which could possibly delay or prevent recovering of the governmental funding. will provide both students and parents with access to a computer-based fully-inclusive college planning program, which will give students the resources to make the best decision for their education, and which is affordable. Please feel free to view the detailed information about, via the website at, and allow the know-how of to make college funding applications simple. With, students will not be deterred by the high cost of college or university education, and they will be giving the necessary assistance that will give them the chance to reach their full potential. The college planning assistance along with the worthwhile financial advice and aid will set college students on the path to gain a top quality education that they can afford. (888) 737-4123 (954) 481-1234 Fax (954) 481-1236
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