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  1. Analyze your ability to qualify for college funding and to what extent by computing your Expected Family Contribution.
  2. Develop "college aid planning" concepts that may lower your out-of-pocket costs by increasing your eligibility for funding.
  3. Assume responsibility for the completion of the complicated FAFSA form annually. And at no additional cost, complete such other forms as may be required by individual colleges. We will also file the C.S.S. Profile required by colleges that use the institutional methodology for a one- time fee, plus the registration and college costs charged by the College Board.
  4. Provide a "college search" that evaluates colleges you have specified and pinpoints others that offer the curriculum that fits your child's career goal and a variety of other specified criteria, also identifying those schools that historically have offered a combination of high monetary awards and strong educational values.
  5. Help you negotiate with colleges that offer you unexpectedly low funding. We obtain information from you to maximize the awards, evaluate the awards, and contact Financial Aid Officers on your behalf to improve those awards when desirable or necessary, in our judgment, while tracking progress.
  6. Provide you with SAT/ACT practice study guide along with software produced by the Kaplan Learning Centers and guaranteed to improve test scores.
  7. Review with you the "Student Aid Report" you'll receive from the government for accuracy and help you make any necessary corrections of errors that might otherwise impede funding.
  8. Help you complete all Stafford and Plus loan applications if these are awarded to you as part of the college funding package.
  9. Provide you with a toll-free customer service number to call with any questions or any problems you may wish to discuss.
  10. Provide access to a computer driven, comprehensive college and career planning program.

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